The Khachen Story

Remembrance & Resilience

Our Symbol

Past, Present, and Future

In antiquity, the Kingdom of Armenia stretched from the Mediterranean to the Black and Caspian Seas, encompassing the northern reaches of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers and covering significant parts of present-day Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and Syria.

The Sun Cross, or Wheel of Eternity, is a common motif in Armenian architecture. Its design has a global appeal, reflecting our far-reaching past. Symbolic of perpetual movement, it communicates our determination to maintain for all time the values and traditions of our ancestors.

Our Legacy

The World’s First Winemakers

Once upon a time, Armenia was the winemaking capital of the world. The Biblical Noah is said to have landed his ark on the slopes of Mt. Ararat—a place sacred to Armenians—and planted a vineyard here. The world’s oldest archaeological winery site is just minutes away from our vineyard.

Our Title

Drawn From Our Culture

We named our estate after the ancient principality of our ancestors, Khachen. Խաչ , or khach , is an Armenian term which translates as “cross.” Armenia was also the first nation-state to officially adopt Christianity, in AD 301, and this faith remains central to our peoples’ cultural identity.

Our Struggle

Overcoming Adversity

Throughout history, the Armenian people’s resilience in the face of adversity has been legendary. In the same way, our Areni Noir grape has survived and thrived for millennia, through bitter winters and devastating wars. As members of the Armenian diaspora, we identify with Areni Noir.

Our Future

Reconnecting with our Roots

For us, owning a vineyard in the Armenian highlands is about more than winemaking. It’s about reuniting with our homeland. We hope someday soon to be able to receive visitors to our vineyard with Armenian cheese, freshly baked lavash bread, and a glass of Khachen Areni Noir.

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