The Armenian Highlands


In the Beginning

There Was Areni Noir

High in the South Caucasus, the world’s oldest known winery is located inside the Areni-1 cave complex. Inside fermentation vats, storage vessels and a wine press dating back to 4100 BC, archaeologists at Areni-1 discovered astonishingly well-preserved stems and seeds from the indigenous Areni Noir grape—the same variety we grow and vinify today, just seven miles away, at Khachen Estate.

Highland Terrain

Epic Terroir

On the windblown steppes of the Vayots Dzor region, our vines grow at between 4,600 and 4,700 feet of elevation on gentle slopes. For thousands of years, Armenian vinetenders have cultivated the autochthonous Areni grape here, selecting the best clones for this unique terroir. When we walk our vine rows, we feel a deep sense of responsibility and purpose.

Continental Climate

High and Dry

The arid climate can be harsh and unforgiving here, dipping near 0°F on the bitterest winter days, and reaching 100°F in the heat of summer. In the colder months, hail and frost are constant concerns. But the growing seasons are marked by extraordinary diurnal shifts, with temperatures dropping as much as 25 to 50 degrees on summer nights. As a result, our fruit ripens slowly and fully, building acidity and flavor before harvest in early October.

Favorable Soils

Thoughtful Viticulture

Our rocky volcanic soils are phylloxera-free and well-drained, allowing for healthy, own-rooted vines that are naturally low in vigor. We take a fastidious, low-impact approach to vinetending, managing the canopy painstakingly to produce flavorful, balanced fruit. At harvest, our moderate brix numbers make for wines that will continue to evolve and improve with cellar age.

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